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Jake Zemke is a championship winning motorcycle racer, who now heads Zemke Riding Development, a training program and school for aspiring racers and enthusiasts.  He is also one of the best both on and off the track to ever do it.

Here's a video we did for Alpinestars new Oscar line.  Very exciting to see them merge a fashionably driven aesthetic with technically sound elements.  Had a lot of fun making this for them. 

A talented artist and inspiring adventurer, Christopher Casanova puts the gnar in art.

A classically trained violinist, who would grow up to be a successful rock guitarist, badass metal fabricator, and coffee roaster extraordinaire.  You got a girl?  Well, you may not for long if you play this video in front of her.

Simply put, one of the most stand up guys in the motorcycle industry.  A gentleman who walks the walk in a world full of people who only know how to talk.


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